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Armed with an inventory and short description of what makes you happy, it’s time to shape that into your wedding day vision.  To start, let’s look at what vision means.  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of vision is:

“something that you imagine; a picture that you see in your mind”

As photographers, we want nothing more than to create images for our clients that capture the special day in a way that is even better than what our couples imagined possible. Those are pretty high goals which is why we look for insight into what you ideally want from the day… the vision!

If you are having trouble pinning that down, start by going big!

  1. Using the short description of what makes you happy, what would your ideal day look like? At this point, don’t worry about budget and the small details. What you’re after here is the “close your eyes and describe what you see and feel when you dream of what your special day will include”. In other words… the big dream picture. There is no right answer and everyone will be unique because this will depend upon your personality and what makes you happy.
  2. Now change perspectives and ask yourself what experience do you want for your guests?

Examples of some responses may be:

I see us in a beautifully decorated summer garden, surrounded by close family and friends, soft music fills the air, the feeling is fairytale and elegant.  Our guests are dressed nicely and are enjoying a delightful dinner under twinkling lights.”

“I see us in a flower filled church having a traditional ceremony with many family and friends attending. The feeling is grand and formal.  We will make a special entrance to a reception held in a ballroom where we will dance and sit at our special table.  Guests will dance, eat, and toast before seeing us off on the honeymoon.”

Give it a go!

Next week:  A Theme… Yes, you need one!

Happy planning!

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